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We’re always keen to recruit new volunteers for our Board and Chapter so if you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch with one of our team.

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Chapter Leadership

Name Position
Chris Nuttall, FTMBA 02 Co-President
Neil Seth, MFE 05 Co-President
Kelli Nardis, FTMBA 05 Co-Treasurer
Wendy Friese, BS 04 Co-Treasurer
Dan Cioaca, BS 01 Secretary
Alind Sahay, FTMBA 00 Co-VP, Communications
Anshul K Sharma, MFE 05 Co-VP, Communications
Alex Koshabe, BS 09 Co-VP, Student Outreach; VP, Events
MayC Huang, BS 11 Co-VP, Student Outreach
Tiffany Hsu, BS 08 Co-VP, Student Outreach
Michelle Xie, BS 10 VP, Defining Principles and Diversity
Tanya Shah, MBA/MPH 04 Co-VP, Career Services; Industry Champion, Health Care
Lara O’Shea, MBA Exchange 11 Co-VP, Career Services; Industry Champion, Marketing
Wilken Yu, BS 09 Co-VP, CACNY / Schools Liaison
Bjorn Austraat, EWMBA 09 Co-VP, CACNY / Schools Liaison
Russell Gao, MFE 11 VP, Professional Development
Neil Seth, MFE 05 Co-VP, Social
Renee Khuong, BS 04 Co-VP, Social
Stefanie Fischel, FTMBA 00 Industry Champion, Finance
Amy Prager, BS 99 Industry Champion, Finance
Raja Khanna, FTMBA 04 Industry Champion, Finance
Samir Mathur, FTMBA 93 Industry Champion, Finance
Pooja Saksena, MFE 06 Industry Champion, Finance
Jabril Bensedrine, Post Doc Industry Champion, Consulting
Zach Stevens, BS 08 Industry Champion, Media & Technology
Mari Corella, BA 05 Industry Champion, Retail – Consumer
Caitlyn Kuan, BA 98 Industry Champion, Retail – Consumer
Coco Kee, FTMBA 02 Venue Scout
Nicole Smith, BS 07 Venue Scout
Judy Chou, BS 96 Venue Scout

Berkeley-Haas News

Yahoo! FinanceClean Energy Tax Credits Mostly Benefits the Wealthy, Report SaysAugust 24, 2015Professor Severin Borenstein and Associate Professor Lucas Davis's working paper explains “the four most significant clean energy tax credits that apply to households.” Los Angeles TimesIs Amazon's hard-charging workplace exploitative?August 20, 2015Professor Jennifer Chatman discusses a New York [...]
Thu, Aug 27, 2015
Source Berkeley-Haas News
Undergraduates are back on campus
A new class of undergraduate students—ranging in age from 18 to 58—arrived at Haas Monday for orientation, where they were immersed in school culture, absorbed career advice, and met their new cohorts. Erika Walker, assistant dean of the undergraduate program, Dean Rich Lyons (below), Professor Todd Fitch, and staff welcomed the [...]
Wed, Aug 26, 2015
Source Berkeley-Haas News
Patricia Dechow
Prof. Patricia Dechow has won the 2015 Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Literature Award, for research that developed a measure to determine the quality of earnings. Dechow co-authored the paper, The Quality of Accruals and Earnings: The Role of Accrual Estimation Errors, with Emory University Prof. Ilia D. Dichev. The American Accounting Association [...]
Wed, Aug 26, 2015
Source Berkeley-Haas News
Prof. Jennifer Chatman says she wasn't surprised by the demanding workplace at portrayed in the recent New York Times article. "Since the beginning, Jeff Bezos has been very deliberate about developing a culture at Amazon that supports their strategy," she said. Source: Los Angeles TimesSource URL: [...]
Thu, Aug 20, 2015
Source Berkeley-Haas News

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