We’re always keen to recruit new volunteers for our Board and Chapter so if you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch with one of our team members.

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Executive Board

President: Judy Chou, BS ’96

Executive Vice-President: Currently Open

Co-Treasurers: Martin Szczepanik, MBA ’18 • Samvel Mkhsiyan, BS ’16

Secretary: Tiffany Miao, BS ’06

Social Impact Chair: Cathy Han

Co-VP Communications and Marketing: Caitlyn Kuan, BA ’98 • Samvel Mkhsiyan, BS ’16

VP Student Outreach: Owen Corso, MBA ’17 • Alex Pederson, MBA ’12

VP Social: Joyie Zhang, MFE ’16 • Owen Corso, MBA ’17

VP Professional and Career Development: Rachel Pavey, BS ’15 • Raj Muhar, BS ’16

Industry Champions

Consulting: Martin Szczepanik, MBA ’18

Energy: Martin Szczepanik, MBA ’18

Finance: Pooja Saksena, MFE ’06 • Samir Mathur, MBA ’93

Health Care / Life Sciences / Medical Devices: Tanya Shah, MBA/MPH ’04 • Alind Sahay, MBA ’00

Marketing/Advertising/Media: Owen Corso, MBA ’17 • Raj Muhar, BS ’16

Media, Technology & Entrepreneurship: Caitlyn Kuan, BA ’98 • Rachel Pavey, BS ’15 • Raj Muhar, BS ’16

Non-Profit: Rachel Pavey, BS ’15

Real Estate: Neil Seth, MFE ’05

Retail & Consumer: Open